10/15/14 WOD

Ashley came by tonight and worked out with some of our peeps.  It was awesome to see her and the energy that she brought was great. Everett….thanks for the pics.

Mobility: Shoulder / Ankle

Skill / Strength: none

Met-con: Complete for time:
                400m Run
                20 Pull-ups
                20 Front squats 95/63/43
                20 Hip extensions
                20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull  95/63/43
                20 Handstand Push ups
                20 DB Hang Squat Clean 45/30/20
                20 Ring Rows
                20 Wall Balls  20/10, 14/9, 10/9
                400m Run

push your selves hard chip away.  Make sure that you don’t slow down to much.

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