11/3/14 WOD



Mobility: None


3-3-3-3-3 Power Clean (working up each set)

5×3 Hip Extensions (use a band for an extra challenge)

Metcon: 6min AMRAP

10L/10R single arm KB swings (A: 53, I: 35, N: 26)

15 jumping C2B Pull-ups

Rest 1 min

2 Rounds for Time

15 Burpees

30 Sit-ups

Coaching Tips: Kettlebell swings is 20 reps total. Do 10 with your less dominate hand (when you are more fresh), then 10 with your dominate hand. The proper jumping pull up height is measured by: Standing directly under the pull up bar, and the bar should be roughly 1-2 fists above your head. Keep your abs engaged on those kettlebell swings and your upper body square. To help make sure you stay square you can swing your kettlebell up and touch it with your off hand.


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