12/31/14 WOD “Fran”


Mobility:  Shoulder Mobility.

Skill Practice Warm Up: None

Strength Workout: Power Snatch 6 x 2 (6 sets of 2 reps “across,” the same weight for all sets)

This is the 2nd session in our new Power Snatch strength cycle. Keep it light and keep working on perfecting your technique.

Super Set: Single Arm Ring Rows 6 x 5 (6 sets of 5 reps “across,” at the same angle for all sets)

Metabolic Conditioning Workout: “Fran”- For time.

21 – 15 – 9

Barbell thrusters (Performance: 95lbs, Athletic*: 63lbs, Health: 43lbs)

Kipping Pull ups (Health: Ring Rows)

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