1/9/15 WOD


Mobility:  None. (Ankle and Shoulder mobility before class)

Skill Practice Warm Up: 5 push jerks on time minute for 5 minutes. Pick a weight that will be challenging, but that you think you can do unbroken each round.

Workout: “Row’d Royalty 15.1”

6 rounds of – 1 minute row for meters, 30 second rest. (You will be on the rower for a total of 8.5 minutes)

Score 15.1A: Combined Meters from Round 1 & 2

Score 15.1B: Total Meters from ALL 6 Rounds

You will need to set up your monitor so that it does intervals of 1 min rowing and 30 seconds of rest. Watch the below video to make sure you do it correct. If you don’t do intervals your score will not track right and therefore will not count. There is two scores in this first workout; 1A – Your accumulated meters from the 1st and 2nd round, and 1B – your accumulated meters after all 6 rounds. Make sure to push it on the first two rounds so you get a good score, but don’t blow up, you still have 4 rounds to go. Go to the memory section of the monitor to find you score after your 6th Round.

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