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November 1st starts the beginning of CrossFit Pleasanton programing and the evening power lifting programming at 6pm M/W/F. There will be synergism between the two programs for those that decide to train Power M/W/F evening.

The power lifting is broken up Westside style. There are max effort upper body days and max effort lower body days. Then there are dynamic upper body days and dynamic lower body days where athlete perform higher reps and work on form & speed.

The 12:00 Power Lunch crew on M/T/TH/Fri comprises a comprehensive power program
Monday: Dynamic Effort Upper (DE)
Tuesday: Max Effort Lower (ME)
Thursday: Max Effort Upper (ME)/
Friday: Dynamic Effort Upper (DE)

The evening Power Class starting November 1st M/W/Fri will have a Max Effort Lower Monday, Max Effort Upper Wednesday, and a Dynamic Friday.

Stay tuned for more information on the power program by Power Lifting Coach Jesse Burdick.

The Power Lifting for CrossFit is free with your CrossFit membership at Re-Active Gym. If you are not a member and would like to join to participate in the power program click here.

Power Lifting Coach Jesse Burdick shown here doing an Iron Cross sans cigarette, “Still Holding! Still Holding!”

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