For time:
Run 1 mile
Row 2K
Run 1 mile

The Girl’s Records for the 2k row were wide open today. CK rowed a 9:06 2k to put her first on the female record board. Good Job CK! NH, new to the program pulled a 9:50 on her first ever 2k to put he in the #3 spot. Who is going to be the first gal to get a sub 9:00 minute 2K?

The “Angie” record was updated to show hands off the ground standard for the push-up. This is a real deal changer. Our best time went from 14ish to 18 & change by DW. Sadly, I lost my 3rd place spot and will have to earn it back with those damn push-ups. Whos idea was that anyway?

We will be starting a Foundations class series the third week in October. This will be a month long series of classes T/Th at 7:30am (Dan) and M/W/F at 6:30pm (Kelly, Paul, & Jose) that teaches the CrossFit basics. If you are new to the gym, want to sign up, or need some work on the basics, it is free with membership!

Who said Mini Vans aren’t cool? Paul’s friend Todd from HGTV doing a backflip off the MiniVan:

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