“Pssst, Secret Workout on Turkey Day”

Hey, don’t tell anyone, but if you want to workout on Thanksgiving with Paul & Megan, show up at 9am and do the secret knock.  That is one knock followed by a rooster cackle, then two knocks followed by a horse whinny, and then one pound of the fist followed by a loud “Mooooo”.  Failure to follow the secret entrance protocol will exclude you from the secret workout.  There will be no teaching, no form correction, and Paul & Megan will be working out & not coaching.  So if you want to jump in, you are more than welcome.


Jen gets her guilt free Holiday dinner after a grueling secret workout:

Also, while we are on a social vein here, Kosta will be turning 40 in December.  Come out and join us at Saphire in Livermore from 9pm to close on Saturday December 4th.  But don’t stay out too late because our Power Lifting 101 Seminar is the next day.  December 5th, there will be no Sunday classes.


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