Bench Press & Sprints

Bench Press 3-3-3-3-3 reps

8 X 50m Sprints
* 1 minute rest


Acquired and Perishable Skills

A skill that is acquired in most cases is perishable. How this relates to CrossFit is that any skill based movement that we pick up must be maintained with a minimal amount of practice on our own each week. Compound, multi-joint movements such as the snatch and clean must be practiced at full range of motion with light loads or just the bar weekly. Five minutes here and there after classes movements such as the double under and the muscle up must be attempted or maintained in order to progress as a CrossFitter.

Beyond the science of perishable skills and kinesthesis, learning something new is just plain FUN. Getting your first double under, pull up, or muscle up is exhilirating. We generally learn by doing, and when an individual breaks that barrier and completes a challenging maneuver, that maneuver is usually locked in. Never stop trying, always work on something you are not good at for a few minutes after each class. Taking a movement that you stink at and going at it wholeheartedly takes courage. But so does CrossFit in general.

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