Power Cleans

Power clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps


CrossFit and Scaleability

CrossFit has many unique characteristics. Arguably the most prominent may be the infinite and/or universal scaleablity of each workout. How this relates to us as members and trainers is that we should take full advantage of scaling. Scaling loads and durations of each WOD will ensure a great experience for both the instructor and the class. Loads should be scaled to the point where the member may be able to continuously work at a capacity of 55-85% of their maximum effort. This will ensure a proper metabolic conditioning effect, as the trainee will be able to steadily perform the exercise(s) throughout the duration of the task or time prescribed.

The point is, know your body. Always take into account what load is relatively safe to handle, what load you can continuously repeat while maintaining full range of motion, and what load you are going to be able to work with for the duration of the WOD. Now, keeping safety in mind, raise that load just a little bit. Challenge yourself. Know your body, but also know that your mind is 10 times as strong. Give yourself some credit. You are a CrossFitter.

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