Fran & Rocky

21-15-9 of each, Thrusters & Pull-ups

Is this our gym?

CrossFit = Learning

As a member of Reactive Gym/CrossFit Pleasanton, your journey through fitness will include a constant stream of instruction from different staff members. A well rounded team of trainers are readily available as a resource and support to members needing and searching for guidance on biomechanics of movement, general athletic movement, diet, and healthy lifestyle. Granted, the advice you will receive from one staff member will slightly differ from another, but chances are it will be sound and effective.

The ownership and training staff here at reactive urge you to ask questions. We are here at your service in your journey of fitness. Every trainer at Reactive is a qualified professional, and we would hope that you utilize the staff as a whole to find all the different “right” ways to execute better WODs, movements, and diet schemes. Ask questions, see how the advice fits with your personal situation, and form a well rounded healthy lifestyle from your learned information. Fitness is lifelong, and so is learning!

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