Looking around the gym today, I felt a sense of pride. We have come a long way in the last couple of years. As our tribe has grown, we have all graciously welcomed new people looking for fitness. It gives me great pride to look at veteran members that once came to CrossFit Pleasanton, unfit & sometimes broken, that are now examples of great fitness. New members look up to these people as they do kipping pull-ups, double unders, lift heavy weights flawlessly, and show great capacity for doing more work in less time. We have more women than I can count doing regular pull-ups and lifting very impressive weights. Sometimes, looking towards the future, we forget to measure backwards. Where were you at a year ago? Are you documenting?

A coach at a Certification seminar recently said that Coach Glassman designs the daily WODs to humble elite athletes. I am amazed at how many of our athletes can now do prescribed workouts. Just completing a prescribed CrossFit workout is a feat.

Looking at the coaching staff also gives me pride. All of our coaches have great standards of movement. Coach Glassman calls it virtue. One of the most important things to me as a career coach, is that a trainer can scale any athlete through an elite level workout seamlessly and without injury. Anyone can go to the CrossFit web site and grab the workout. …and all of the demonstrations of the exercises are online too. But those are methods. A competent trainer must understand the principles behind the methods. Learning principles takes time, practice, discipline, and thousands of hours learning from yourself and others. In a world of instant gratification, a trainer must still demonstrate a patient mastery of his art to be successful. Some of our best future trainers are blossoming from the people that diligently work on themselves within our gym every day.

When I recently went to a meeting of CrossFit affiliate owners, many stated that they did not do the CrosssFit main site workout because they or their trainers could not safely navigate their disparate clients through the difficult requirements of the online WOD. When a trainer can effortlessly take a class of athletes with unequal skill levels and safely navigate them through all mainsite workouts, demonstrating and teaching virtuous movements, setting up the equipment for many people, scaling prudently, directing the flow of any given workout like a general, all while simultaneously documenting results and coaching: we call that mastery. At CrossFit Pleasanton, I see coaches that are committed fitness professionals mastering their art and making this very hard task look easy.

We are not fooled by this instant gratification society.


crossfit X from LEVEL4 on Vimeo.

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