A letter to a Dad

Mark, I gotta tell you today was one of the highlights of my career. Jeff came in and had been using the lacrosse ball, foam rolling, and rowing and what a difference it made. He was free of aches and pains and moving fantastic. We got right to work and he was just killing the workout. Everything was moving the right way. So I took a chance with the prowler and he killed it. With 25 pound plates on each side of the sled, he did two 100′ sprints. Then he got the prowler flu. It’s a perfectly normal phenomenon when people are busting their ass. He threw up in the trash can and everyone kept working out like it was no big deal. At this point I told him we could call the workout since we only had about 10 minutes left anyway. Then he makes me proud. “Let’s finish this up” he said and grabbed the prowler once again. At this point we were between classes and about 15-20 people stopped and clapped and cheered him on as he did another 100′ sprint. He finished by pushing the prowler into a whole throng of people congratulating him and cheering him on. Then he sprawled out on a plyo box for five minutes and barfed again. He had a smile on his face and he left with a great sense of accomplishment and pride. These are the times that affirm that I am on the right path: when a kid with no legs throws up in a trashcan after a brutal workout and leaves with a smile on his face. –Paul



Jeff over the box



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