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Workout Playlist Contest
Do you love to sweat it to the oldies or throwback to your jazzercise days and do your WOD to some Cyndi Lauper? Maybe you throw on your crushed velvet pimp suit and find motivation in the Snoop D-O-Double G. No matter what your music preference, it could win you a free month at CrossFit Pleasanton. Throw your 20 favorite workout songs on a CD and bring it in. We’ll chose our favorite and let you know. Even if your playlist doesn’t take home the grand prize, at least we’ll be able to get some more variety (except for 1 o’clock, you guys are working out to the 8 Mile soundtrack everyday).

Kids in the Gym
As a family owned gym we pride ourselves on being family friendly. With that in mind, our first concern for your little ones is safety. Even the most well behaved kids can’t predict which way weights will bounce or when someone will start swinging a kettlebell. To avoid injury and minimize disruption to other clients all children must stay in foyer (the area by the bathrooms) during workouts. Our trainers will be enforcing this rule so please remind your kids to bring something to entertain themselves for the hour.
Grayson directs kids to the foyer

Body Fat Testing
On July 14 from 12-7 the people over at BodyFatTest will be here with their mobile body fat testing clinic to give you the chance to get the most accurate body composition breakdown available.
You can sign up online or in person. If you sign up online, be sure to call so that we can schedule your time slot.

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