2010 NorthEast Regional Event 1

Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
135 pound Overhead squat
Chest to bar pull-ups

Carlos has dropped 30 pounds since starting at CrossFit Pleasanton 3 months ago. Good Job Carlos! Below he goes overhead for today’s WOD.

Pull-Up Workshop with Carolyn

If you are not doing Rx’d WOD’s make sure that you make Carlyn’s Kipping Pull-up Workshop tomorrow morning at 8am.

Adult Gymnastic (body weight) Basics

Gymnastics in CrossFit means moving your own body weight.  Jessica’s 11am adult gymnastic’s basics class on Sunday is a winner. Learn how to control your body weight through space and time. This class is for all levels. Jessica, just got back from a Gymnastics workshop at CrossFit Marin and has lots of good stuff to pass on tomorrow.

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