A nice little triplet

Three rounds for time of:
15 ft Rope Climb, 5 ascents
21 Ring dips
50 Squats

Blog meets blog:
Apparently Deb, my professional Belly Dancer client, has been chronicling our workout experience on her blog.

Here as an excerpt from her Body Language post:

Dance is a language – it is all about communicating and listening.

Working out also is definitely all about communicating (but sometimes I don’t listen.) For example, here is a fragment of a typical conversation my body has sometime between 4am (when I wake up) and 7:20 (when I pull into the parking lot at the gym.)

Shoulder: I can only do X amount of rotation today. Mess with me and I’ll make you all sorry by keeping you sleep deprived for days.

Quads: Well, look who woke up with an attitude. I’m a little tired of carrying your weight.

Abs: Maybe if the glutes put a little more effort into the workout we could relax a little.

Glutes: Uh, yeah, look who’s talking. Why should I anyway? Quads and Knees seem perfectly happy to do the work.

Biceps: Eat a few more fish oil capsules and get that prima donna shoulder working! I’m cramped.

Quads: for God’s sake, Shoulder, stop complaining – Paul will make all of the rest of us work out more! It’s not fair.

Glutes: I think y’all are doing just fine. Thanks for all the help. Ha, ha, ha!

Low back: You total slug!

Diaphragm: Stop whining and start rowing. By the way, Brain, have you figured out yet what Paul means by “Finish?”



Brain: huh?

It all starts here.

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