CrossFit Power Lunch with Jesse Burdick Day 2

Upper Body Max Effort

Today was Board bench press with one board. That means we bring the loaded bar down to a single flat 2×4 on our chest. We all worked up to a max single and then did as many reps as possible at 80%. Then we did the same weight again with a slingshot. I benched 305 then did 3 reps at 275. I put on the sling shot and benched the same 275#’s 11 times. I think the sling shot helped. Jesse and Andy were benching in the 400’s raw. We finished up with 5 sets of pull-ups and 5 sets of ring dips at max reps each.

The entertainment. Andy dripped sweat (or drool) onto Kosta’s face while he was spotting him. He scolded him for doing so many reps like a “CrossFitter”. “I can’t hold my sweat that long.” A reporter from the Oakland Tribune came in and I had to keep her away from the Power Lifting area lest she write something about these foul ogres. Poor Jessica was the only girl today except 5 year old Gymnast Alexandria that wowed us with her pull-ups on the rings and crazy stretches.


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