Prowl for a Cure

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At a CrossFit Pleasanton, we are aware of breasts. In honor of the women (and men) struggling with breast cancer, we have decided to have a charity to support the cause. On Sunday, October 17 at 11 am the prowling will begin. It will end at 3pm.

Of all the exercises we have done, nothing probably comes closer to the feeling of Chemo than pushing the prowler and getting the “prowler flu”. So thanks to Maas brothers and EliteFTS, we have a brand new Pink Prowler for the Event.

Participants will be sponsored for the amount of “laps” they do with the prowler in one hour. A lap is the usual prowler push to the end of the building from our rear roll-up door and back. Participants will get sponsors that will pay a certain amount of money for a “lap”. An example would be that I sponsor Megan. We agree that she will get $1 for a 90# lap, $2 180# lap, $4 dollars for 270# lap and a $20 bonus if she throws-up from the Prowler Flu.

Sponsorship Sheet PDF
Sponsor Sheet XL File

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