Happy ThanksGiving

Paul & Mega will be working out at 9:30am if anyone wants to join them.  No coaching.  One hour workout.

Turkey Trot

Teams of two pair up for 

800m Sanbag Run 

50 Burpees  (Each team member alternating Reps)

2000m Row

100 Squats  (Each team member alternating Reps)

10 Prowler Pushes Alternating

45# Overhead lunge to purple door and back 45/25 (eachpartner does 1/2 the leg)

Team Southern 26.19 rx

Team 2/3 Brian 27.15 2/3 rx

Team Masters 27.31 rx

Team Brett 23.50 rx

Team Seal 27.53 rx

Team Baby on Board 34.30

Team Hofstede 30.08 rx




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