Affiliate Team Update

From the games Web Site:

Team qualification for the 2011 Affiliate Cup will begin in the Open. The format for this first step will be similar to the 07 and 08 Games. Everyone competes first as an individual. The team score is compiled from the best performances among the team members. 

There will be two types of teams: Official teams and Other teams. “Official” teams must include at least 3 men and 3 women. All of the athletes on a team must train at the same gym. There is no maximum number of participants on a team. Each athlete can only compete on one team. All team members must be registered by Sunday, March 20th, the closing date for submissions on the first Open workout. “Other” teams can be any collection of athletes but can’t qualify for Regionals or the Games.

There will be a $20 fee to set up a team. The fee will be the same regardless of the number of athletes on the team.  

Prize: The Official team with the most athletes will win 2 tickets per athlete to the CrossFit Games in July, plus their next affiliate fee will be waived, and they get a plaque for their gym.

Scoring: Each week, the computer will calculate each team’s top three male and female results, and will add them together. They will be ranked accordingly (both worldwide and within their region), and that ranking will be its score for that week. The same is repeated the following week, and the top (scored) athletes from each team do not have to be the same from week to week. As the competition proceeds, the overall score is the summation of each week’s ranking. After 6 weeks, the winner will be the team with the fewest accumulated points. 

The top 30 teams from each region will be invited to their Regional competition.


In this picture from last years Nor Cal Sectionals, Dave Castro explains how the 2011 sectionals would be at the grass roots:

CrossFit NorCal Sectionals 2010 Day 2



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