Workout with Courage

Josh Courage is going to be visiting a bunch of CrossFits and documenting his experiences on his blog.  Monday Josh will be at CrossFit Pleasanton for the 5:30pm workout.  We let Josh pick the workout for the day.  Josh is planning on trying to get to the 2011 games and wants a challenge.  Let’s get all the fire breathers out for this one.

 Josh’s Workout:

Dynamic Warm-up

Skill: Ground to overhead variations


5 ground to overhead 195/135

25 meter out and back Prowler push 

10 ground to overhead 165/115

25 meter out and back Prowler push

15 ground to overhead 135/95

25 meter out and back Prowler push

The prowler starts with 90/60#’s and you then take stripped weight from the bar and add them to the prowler.  So male example would be 5×195 ground to overhead, 90 pounds on the prowler, 10×165 ground to overhead then run to prowlr with plates and add the 30# (2×15’s) to prowler, then 15×135 ground to overhead then grab the 15’s and run to the prowler and add them and push to finish.

We will run this in heats of 4 people. 

Cooldown: cheer on everyone else


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