Bench Press 3RM with upper body accessory metcon

Mobility: Internal Shoulder Rotation Stretch

Skill: Bench Press Set-up, how to keep shoulders externally rotated and shoulders down on ring dips & dip progressions, pull-ups progressions up to chest to bar pull-ups


3RM manpon Bench Press

Post Load

Then for time:


Ring Dips & Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Cooldown: Lacrosse Ball to pec minor, external rotators, and glutes


New Classes for CrossFit

Gymnastics WOD Tuesday nights at 6:30pm with Gymnastic Coach Jessica Gray

Mobility WOD (Starts Feb 17th) Thursdays nights at 6pm with Performance Physical therapist Victoria Liu

Track WOD 8:00am on Saturdays at Amador Track with Track & Field Coach Peter Scarpelli

Olympic Lifting Progressions Sunday Morning from 9:30 to 11:00 with St Mary’s College Athletic Director & Oly Coach Gene Mirra

We are expanding services to provide new experiences to all of our athletes and help those athletes that know they need work in specific areas.  

First, we will be running a body weight Gymnastic WOD with Jessica Gray every Tuesday night at 6:30pm.  This will replace the 11am Sunday Gymnastic WOD that is going away.  There will also be a regular WOD at this time.  If you need help with body weight movements like muscle-ups, HSPU, kipping, Hand Stands, etc, then join Jessica at this time.

Mobility WOD with Victoria Liu.  Vic has been training with us off and on for years.  She has a masters in Physical Therapy and will be available for in-house PT work as well as teaching the MobilityWOD for us Thursday evenings at 6pm.  If you lack mobility, it is inhibiting your ability to get into good positions oand/or lift properly.  Fix these issue with this class before you hurt yourself.  This is also a good class for new athletes to address old issues so that they can participate uninhibited and pain free.  Also, being on Thursday, athletes can use this WOD as a down day for mobility and recovery work instead of just taking the day off.  

Track WOD with Peter Scarpelli on Saturday mornings at Amador Track.  This will be our 8am Saturday morning workout and the free drop-in workout will be no more.  New people that are interested in the program can drop into the M/W/F onramp program.  Come join Peter to do track and feild workouts and develop sprint, jumping, and throwing skills.  There will be a 9:30 and 10:30am Class now back at the gym on Saturday mornings for those not participating in the TrackWOD.

Olympic Lifting Progressions on Sunday mornings.  There will be a regular Sunday AM WOD at 8:30am and then an olympic lifting class from 9:30 to 11 with accomplished Olympic Lifting Coach Gene Mirra.  This class will focus on skill work and the progressions necessary for an athlete to feel comfortable moving loads quickly.  It is open to all athletes.  Challenge yourself and work on some new skills: front squats, Snatch Balance, High Pulls, Split Squats, etc. 

If you want to compete in the sectionals and represent CrossFit Pleasanton, assess your weaknesses.  If your running, sprinting and jumping sucks, do the Track WOD.  If you can’t do a muscle-up or handstand push-up, go see Jessica for the Gymnastic WODs.  If mobility is holding you back, if you have an ache or pain, or if you need a recovery workout, attend Victoria’s MobilityWOD Thursday nights.  Anyone wanting to learn olympic lifting from the ground up or needs to learn these skills to be competitive in the CrossFit Games, then attend Gene’s Class on Sunday Mornings.  And as always, if you are weak, go check out Jesse’s PowerWOD workouts.

This rounds out our specificity WODs that will allow you to be a better Crossfitter overall.  

Fun, Fun, Fun!

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