Athleticism, Competition, and the CFP Team

Who should represent the affiliate team in the upcoming CrossFit Open?  Everyone.  It doesn’t matter if you can’t do a handstand push-up or row 500m under 2 minutes.  The goal is to jump into the fray and give what you have to give and be part of our team.  Perhaps you have no aspiration to go to Regionals or the CrossFit games as an individual, but you can still support our team.

Every week when CrossFit posts the Open workout on Tuesday night, we will prepare for the judged competitions for Thursday and Saturday.  Please volunteer.  We will need volunteers.  Standards will be published and we will all need to embrace these and count nothing less from ourselves and our peers within the competition.  If you can’t achieve the standards, you should still do the workout.  It’s just not going to be scored As Prescribed.    

CrossFit will expose anyone’s weaknesses and faults quicker than any other program.  We all have them.  It is the nature of CrossFit to address weaknesses rather than ignore them. 

Compete.  Challenge yourself in a new arena; in a new environment.  Be judged.  Be virtuous.  

It’s just as important to celebrate a new athlete’s first push-up as it is to celebrate a fire breather’s 20 muscle-ups without coming off the rings.  

Many of the athletes here started in poor condition and have transformed in to amazingly fit people.  It is important that as a group and a community we help and encourage people at all levels of fitness to improve themselves.

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