Wednesday Workout: Open WOD 11.5

Judging in the Open

If you don’t feel good about calling a no rep on the person you are judging for the open, please do not judge them.  There will now be a master judge watching the judges during the comp to make sure that things everything is being observed.  


We are changing the Open Competition times due to popular demand:

Wednesday night from 5:30 to 6:30 and Saturday am from 9:30 to 10:30


Look Better Semi Naked in a Swim Suit this Summer 2011 Challenge: LBSN 2011

It’s time to challenge yourself to some fat loss for the summer.  The last winners of the LBN challenge shed 50 pounds of fat between the make and female winners and enjoyed a weekend stay at the Ritz Carleton Half Moon Bay (I’m told there are videos…).  

We are having a CrossFit Nutrition Seminar the 14th of May and Kicking off the LBSN 2011 the following Monday, May 16th.  The cost is $50 to do the challenge.  The CrossFit Nutrition Seminar is $199 and includes blood tests.  This is an awesome opportunity to see what clean eating does to the internal health of your organism.  Before and after bloodwork will be a first for this type of challenge here.  It’s very cool and exiting.  We will come up with a handicap system this time for leaner folks looking to participate in the body fat challenge.    

Nutrition Seminar Enrollment:

Look Better Semi-Naked Enrollment:



13 Year old Cash Connolly jumps a hot spring in the Nevada desert.  

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