Mobility: Psoas Love

Skill: Overhead pressing


Work up to a 5rm Jerk

Sled x 400m

Cooldown: Foam roll and lacrosse ball your tender bits 

Nutrition Seminar Questions

Strongman Expo: During Lunch on the day of the Nutrition Seminar, a professional Strongman will be bringing in all his toys (stones, yokes, axels, etc) to give a demonstration of strongman techniques.  We will have Ricky back for a full day seminar in the future.

Bloodwork: The bloodwork done prior to the CrossFit Nutrition Seminar that we are hosting May 14th will test: 

  • Hemoglobin A1c: tests average blood sugar or glycation
  • Insulin: snapshot of a 2-3 day period
  • Vitamin D
  • Lipin Panel: HDL, LDL, Cholesterol

 These blood tests will reveal what is going on inside your body with your current diet & exercise program.





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