CrossFit Avalanche Visit

Megan and Paul decided to redo CrossFit Open WOD 11.5 at CrossFit Avalanche on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. They had both done the workout 2 days prior and were dreading the second go around. Paul had to drag Megan kicking and screaming down to the gym this morning for the redo.  

The conclusion is that the altitude training was no joke. They had come to hte gym the day before to do some moderate training to try to get acclimatized. The judging was comparable to CFP. Megan’s performance declined about 12% and Paul’s performance declined about 20%. Paul was at 5 rounds at the 10 minute mark and knew it was a lost cause. At home he would have realized that he was not going to beat his last effort and called it. But in the presence of other trainers, athletes, and gym owners, he couldn’t stop. It became a mental battle to gritt it out while sucking some serious wind.

All in all, it was a great workout at a top notch CrossFit affiliate. The owners, athletes, and coaches were fantastic ambassadors for the CrossFit community.

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