5 Round, 15 Rep Triplet

Mobility: Shoulder Mob, Internal Rotation Stretch

Skill: Ring Rows in plank, Bench Press form, and Squat form


Five rounds for time of:
15 Ring rows
155 pound Bench press, 15 reps
225 pound Back squat, 15 reps

Set up rings and box such that heels are at the height of the bottom of the rings.

Cooldown: Lacrosse Ball Pecs, lats, pits, & reverse hypers 3×15

CrossFit Open Sectionals are done.  CFP, as it looks now, hit 12th place in NorCal which takes us to Regional competitions June 3-5 in San Jose.  Josh Hilton (31st) & Brett Andrade (37th) both qualify to compete as individuals at Regionals.   Outstanding work everyone.  Team/Gym BBQ party Friday the 13th at 7:00 pm, everyone from the gym is invited.  Please RSVP.  Jeremy Mullins will be at the BBQ before his CrossFit Nutrition Seminar at CFP on May 14th.  There will be no workout that Saturday.  


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