Snatch Work

Mobility: T-Spine Extension

Skill: Burgener Warm-up, Snatch, Snatch Balance, Power Snatch, OHS, Snatch Grip Deadlift, Hook Grip


5 rounds
5x Snatch grip deadlift (95#/65#)
5x Power snatch 
5x Snatch balance
5x Overhead squats

Cooldown: Lacrosse Ball external rotators (back of the shoulder)


Calling all fire breathers.  We will host a Fire Breather Hour Monday through Thursday at 5:30pm.  This is for people doing RX’s WODs only.  No scaling.  This class is so that our fittest athletes can challenge each other.  If you can RX the workout and want to give it 100%, then jump in! If you need to scale the workout, please participate in the regular 5:30 class.  

Gym challenges.  We are working on challenging local gyms to team and mixed couple events to test fitness.  If you have a partner or team you wish to compete with, let Paul and Jose know.  We are lining up venues.  


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