Karen Marries Jane

Mobility: Lacrosse ball scaps and upper back

Skill: Wall ball, Super Burpee


Let’s use our new pull-up and wall ball toy.

10 Rounds for time of 

15 Wall Balls

10 Super Burpees (bar 6″ above hand)



Dunk Tank will be here Wednesday July 13th.  Sign-up below and email Paul the time you want to come.

ing up Here:


New Test





Learn from Jason Khalipa’s Sport Psychologist:

The charge for the full workshop, including materials, is $100.  Click on the link above to find out more. 

Workshop Dates:
Session #1: June 16th or June 23rd
Session #2: July 14th or July 21st
Session #3: August 18th or August 25th


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