Sat & Sun Workout in One

Skill: Bench Press


Work up to 3RM Bench press with Manpon

Record Weights on the board and in the journal you should be keeping.

Then do Sunday’s workout since we are closed for the Power Lifting Meet:

Overhead Lunge 400m with PVC pipe for time

Cooldown: Cheryl’s Choice



  • Order Free Range Beef now: 20 & 40 pund lots at $7 per pound
  • Gym Closed Sunday for Power Lifting Meet.  Come down and watch.
  • CrossFit Games start the 29th of July
  • We are working on new shirt designs.  Any input would be appreciated.  
  • Look Better Naked Challenge ends the first week in August.  Weigh-in are on August 4th, 5th, & 8th.




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