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10 sec hollow hold/10 rocks

10 sec arch hold/ 10 rocks

8  sec hollow hold/ 8 rocks

8 sec arch hold/8 rocks

6 sec hollow hold/6 rocks

6 sec arch hold/ 6 rocks

4 sec hollow hold/ 4 rocks

4 sec arch hold/ 4 rocks

2 sec hoolow hold/ 2 rocks

2 sec arch hold/ 2 rocks


Anyone can do this work out, and everything can be scaled. Come try something new and fun on Sunday!!!!


Handstand Annie (For Fun)

50 Double Unders

50 step Handstand Walk

40 Dus

40 step Handstand Walk

30 Dus

30 step Handstand Walk

20 Dus

20 step Handstand Walk

10 Dus

10 Step Handstand Walk


Handstand Box Walk 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 (one full Walk around the box equals one walk)

Single under multiply by 3


Shoulder Taps against the wall each shoulder counts as 1 rep.



that means Form (on the handstand Walk and DU position)

then Unbroken on sets

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