OHS x3


Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps


GHR 3×12 with Band

Reverse Hyper 3×15 

Toes to Bar 3×20


Thank you to everyone that participated on Team CFP during the 2012 Open Workout.  We learned a lot about ourselves and our great community in the last five weeks.  CFP has proven to be a positive place where good people come together and get more fit.  We cheered as our athletes crushed a workout, and we cheered even harder as our athletes struggled and showed their vulnerabilities. 


NEWS: All hands save the date for NorCal Regionals May 18-20th.  Everyone come out and cheer on Team CFP!



Here is the Team Roster According to where athletes finished:


  1. Carolyn C
  2. Michelle F
  3. Megan S
  4. Kristen H
  5. Jeff L
  6. Kyle A
  7. John M
  8. Stacey J



Paleo Pig Party RSVP 

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