1RM Clean & “Randy”


Take 10 minutes to find 1RM Clean

For Time:
75 Power Snatch @ 75# (or 40% or 1rm)



This Weekend:

Saturday: Festivus at LifeWorx this 9am to 2pm.  Come cheer on some of our athletes!  Regular Gym Hours.

Sunday: Fast & Furious Throwdown in Downtown Pleasanton starts at 8am with 5k.  The Gym will be closed Sunday for this event and the 5K will be the WOD.  Sign up fro the 5K here and use the XFIT2012 discount code.  For those that signed up, WOD #2 starts at 8:45 at the Expo Center.  You will see the setup next to Strizzies.  WOD#3 starts at 11:00am.



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