Member Of The Week: Julia Smay


In December 2012, Julia became apart of our CFP team. After trying her first Crossfit class, Julia was hooked. Prior to signing up, Julia shared the same apprehension and misconceptions that all of us once experienced as a newbie. She questioned what the prerequisites of Crossfit were, not knowing that there simply were none. She soon learned that modification and progression are vital components for the Crossfit athlete. In just a matter of weeks, Julia has smashed record after record and proven not only to the world, but more importantly to herself, that she is only limited by her imagination and determination.

Julia has always enjoyed heavy lifting, but discovering her mental aptitude and strength has been life changing. She gives each WOD 150% and fights to be better and stronger than she was the day before. Each day, she looks forward to coming to the gym and never loses sight of her goals. Since beginning our paleo challenge on January 2nd, Julia has dropped 26 pounds of fat, gained 3.5 pounds of lean mass and decreased her body fat by 6.8%! She continues to progress and is never afraid of putting in the hard work in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

J-Smay a year ago would not have believed herself if she said that she would be setting records at CFP, but the J-Smay of today would not believe herself if she said that she wouldn’t be fighting for the #1 spot on the record board! Julia has taken the #1 spot for the Crossfit Total with an outstanding #735! She pulled a #365 deadlift (and made it look as light as a feather), #255 back squat and #115 strict press. She also took the #2 spot for the 2K row!

Setting and achieving many goals, Julia is a force to be reckoned with. She has hopes of trying out and making a roller derby team this summer, and we have no doubt that she will be a shoe in!

Julia’s journey is just beginning, yet she has already made an everlasting impression. We are so proud to have her be apart of our team and hope you all have the pleasure of meeting this fine young woman. Keep it up J-Smay, we hope you are as impressed and proud of yourself as we are of you!


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