Crossfit: By Luke Finkel

“CrossFit isn’t a Lifestyle; it’s a Tree Trunk

Time after time, I see people say that CrossFit isn’t just a way to workout. They say it becomes more of a lifestyle. While I agree with that, for me it goes one step further. 

Being healthy, that’s a lifestyle, but Crossfit has become the tree trunk in my life that so many things branch off of.

It started out with me being forced to this place in Pleasanton, because my uncle wanted me to go, little did I know that I was actually about to throw up because of this wonderful thing called the “Prowler”. This was the beginning of my quest to finally stop hating what I saw in the mirror. I was 211 pounds at the time, very little of that being muscle. 

At first my cousin and I took a class with this Crossfit’s owner, Paul Southern. Up to that point, my cousin and I talked once a month… maybe. We live pretty close, but just never made the effort to see one another. This instantly changed when we started working with Paul. This sounds super cheesy, but it’s too true. Once we starting participating in Crossfit, and joking around with Paul, hanging out became a regular occurrence for us. Honestly, it was nice to re-connect with a member of my family that I rarely talked to before, and that is the first thing I owe to Crossfit. 

The next thing that has branched from the trunk of Crossfit has to be this Paleo diet. As awful as it is when I’m sitting, starving, at Taco Bell while my friends are enjoying a Crunch wrap supreme, it certainly has its benefits. The most obvious of which is the fact that it has made me a healthier person. As I said earlier I had started out at 211 pounds, as of this morning I am 194 and still dropping. I have lost about 10% of my body fat, and put on 10 pounds of muscle. This has been amazing, to say the least. 
But a far more rewarding part of the diet was getting my dad into it. When I started the diet he was in the early stages of recovering from a major gastric surgery, caused by not maintaining a healthy diet. I introduced him to the Paleo diet to help him live healthier. At first he wasn’t a believer, but after he saw the massive transformation that my body is going through he hopped on board the Paleo train. Only having started a few months ago, he is already looking and feeling better than he did before. So even though he isn’t a part of the Crossfit family, in and indirect way it has changed his life for the better. 

When CrossFit Pleasanton moved to their new building the class I was taking got moved to 3:30, so my cousin and I could come right after school. When the time moved we also added another person to our group. His name is Tyler Fischer, and at the time he was a complete stranger to me. As you could have probably guessed, given the theme of this whole article, he quickly became a friend of mine. We will hit up In-N-Out after working out from time to time, getting only protein style burgers of course.

I didn’t just see changes inside the box either. Thanks to this “Tree trunk” I found out that one of my favorite hobbies happened to be weight lifting. This caused me to enroll in a weight lifting class/competition at my high school. I started out near the bottom of the class, but thanks to my instructor at school, as well as my new CrossFit coach, Jose, I am currently in fourth place with a combined bench press, push press, squat, and clean weight of 935 pounds. This is almost a 150 pound improvement since I started at the beginning of the semester. 

I could really go on and on telling you what CrossFit has done for me, but I’m pretty sure you all have seen it in yourselves as well. That’s one of the great things about it. This is why CrossFit is the tree trunk in my life that so many things branch off of. From family, to life at school, CrossFit has made me a better person. I found something to believe in, and stuck to it. That right there is more than any other gym, or even activity has ever offered me. “

-Luke F


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