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10 PUSH-PRESS  115/80 (80/55)

10 KB SWINGS 1.5P/1P (1P/.5P)

10 BOX JUMPS  24″/20″ (20″/14″)

ANNOUNCEMENT: This coming Monday, the 29th, we will begin our new “CompWOD” class. This class will be Monday-Friday @ 9:30am-11:30am. There will not be a regular 9:30am WOD. The CompWOD is a class that is for athletes who do 90% of their workouts RX’d and are looking to take their training to the next level in order to compete in the future. This class is designed to help these athletes progress in all areas of their fitness. The programming will include strength, conditioning, skill work, gymnastics, core, mobility, and attacking weaknesses. This class is open to all CFP members, however if you question whether this is a class/program for you or not, we urge you to check with our staff so we can help assist you in that decision. We’re looking forward to beginning this program and hope to see a good turnout!

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