CFP Member of the Week: Lesley Hodges

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Four years ago, Lesley Hodges became a member of CFP after
moving to Pleasanton from Santa Clara. Lesley is a dedicated wife (to Bryan
Hodges: one of CFP’s finest!), mother of two daughters, and last but not least,
a very dedicated athlete. On top of CrossFit, Lesley enjoys running half
marathons, 5K’s with her daughters, snow skiing, water skiing, you name it and
she’s done it. When she is not volunteering at the school with the Girl Scouts
or kicking butt in the gym, she is also working hard to raise money for a
foundation that is very dear to her, the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

13 years ago, Lesley was diagnosed with Retinitis
Pigmentosa. This condition causes a gradual decline of ones vision due to the
death of photoreceptor cells, also known as rods and cones. Over the years,
Lesley’s vision has worsened, causing severe peripheral vision loss, poor depth
perception, color blindness, night blindness, and sensitivity to bright light.

There are many challenges that come with RP, but that has
not stopped Lesley from living her life to the fullest and continuing her
athletic endeavors. She lifts, runs, jumps, pushes, and pulls as good, if not
better, than many of us! So it is safe to say that many CFP members are not
even aware of the visual conditions that Lesley overcomes every single day. On
top of conquering her workouts, Lesley was also one of our top contenders in
two of our 60 day Paleo Challenges. In four months, she gained 5.5 pounds of
lean mass, dropped 13.7 pounds of fat, and dropped 7.6% in body fat.

On June 1st, Lesley will be participating in a
walk in Golden Gate Park for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. This walk is to
help raise funds and awareness for retinal degenerative diseases. She will be
on team “Eye Inspire”, which is perfect considering how inspirational Lesley

As Lesley’s vision deteriorates, she has made it her mission
to help find a cure for Retinitis Pigmentosa. This condition, and many other
blinding diseases affect more than 100,000 Americans. The Foundation Fighting Blindness
has been funding researchers looking into the causes, treatments, and cures for
retinal degenerative diseases for the past 40 years. They have made a
tremendous amount of progress and even demonstrated with clinical trials that
with the use of gene therapy, they can restore vision!

Please join us in helping Lesley accomplish this mission of
hers. If you would like to learn more about her condition, donate to her team,
or even join her on the walk, please visit her myVisionwalk webpage at: 

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