6/18/15 “Elizabeth”


Mobility: Shoulder Mobility

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 5 min working up to a challenging strict shoulder press before warming up your push press.

Strength:  Push Press – Session 2 (70 – 80%)

7 x 1 (7 sets of 1 reps, “across,” same weight for each set)


One thing that many people miss on push presses is focusing on the wrist and shoulder mobility. Spending time working on this for the next 6 – 7 weeks in addition to the push press itself can really help drive big gains due to improvements in the rack position. Remember that the ‘focus’ isn’t just about getting stronger on a lift, it is primarily about getting “better” at a lift.. in all regards: stronger, better positioning, better form, more explosive, etc.

Super Set: 7 x 2 DB Split Squat  (7 sets of 2 reps, “across,” same weight for each set)


The emphasis here should be to use the front leg as much as possible. The back leg is more for stabilization. Alternatively to holding the weights at the sides, you can also hold them at the shoulder. Those new to this should start week 1 and 2 with just weighted lunges. Remember there should be a 3 second pause at the bottom of each lunge just like a box squat! Make sure to keep tension in the front leg once your knee touches the ground. If you have more experience (and a lot of good control) do the deficit lunge variation. Only advanced people who have gone through this cycle before should work on the Bulgarian style with the back foot elevated. Not only is this variation much more difficult, it can also take a lot longer to set up (which can eat up too much time in classes).

Metabolic Conditioning:  “Elizabeth” (power clean version) – For time.

21 – 15 – 9

Power cleans (Performance: 135lbs, Athletic*: 95lbs, Health: 63lbs)

Ring dip (Athletic*: 12-9-6 ring dips, Health: 21-15-9 push ups)

*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx) – Ladies should do the 12-9-6 ring dip version and log it under the“Lady Elizabeth” workout as Rx! (still do 21-15-9 power cleans though).

Scaling Guide:  4 – 9 minutes, 10 minute time cap.

Coaching Tips: Breaking up the cleans into small sets with small rests early on will mean you are moving at a good pace, but not wasting energy by lowering the barbell.  Go for bigger sets later on if you feel that you can speed up.  Use the kipping ring dip as much as possible.

Log your results online by clicking here.

Compare to: 2014 – 01 – 04

*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)

Optional ‘Cash Out’: 100m db farmer carry, 100m run, 4 min

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