6/20/15 “Another Road Trip”


Mobility: Hip and Shoulder Mobility

Skill Practice Warm Up:

Spend 10 minutes working up to a challenging
Overhead Squat out of the rack (70-85% of max). Plan on hitting about 7-9
total sets including the warm ups and including the 2-3 at the final
challenging weight.

Strength: None.

Metabolic Conditioning: “Another Road Trip” –

For time.
15 Squat Snatches (Performance: 95lbs, Athletic*: 65lbs, Health: Squat
Cleans 55lbs)
800m Run
20 Overhead Squats (Performance: 95lbs, Athletic*: 65lbs, Health: Front
Squats 55lbs)
600m Run
25 Thrusters (Performance: 95lbs, Athletic*: 65lbs, Health: 55lbs)
400m Run
*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)
Scaling Guide: 10 – 18 Minutes
Coaching Tips: If you are limited by overhead movements like a squat
snatch or overhead squat take note that the best way to scale is by doing
squat cleans and front squats, you will be able to use more weight than if
you tried a squat snatch and get a better workout with the increased range
of motion. Make sure to pick up the speed after the first 200m of the runs,
you should be recovered from the barbell movements by then.
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Compare to: New Workout!
Optional ‘Cash Out’: None

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