6/23/14 “Red Charger”


Mobility: Shoulder Mobility.

Skill Practice Warm Up:  Spend 10 minutes working up to a challenging weight pause snatch (3 second pause at or just below the knee).  Shoot for 7-10 reps in the 10 minutes.

Strength: None.

Metabolic Conditioning:  “Red Charger” For Time

A: 5 rounds, I*: 4 rounds, N: 4 rounds

12 Power Snatches (A: 115lbs, I*: 65lbs, N: 35lbs)

12 Shoulder to Overhead (Same)

18 Toes to Bar (Health: Sit Ups)

40’ Bear Crawl

Row (A: 700m, I*: 600m, N: 500m)

1 Minute Rest

Scaling Guide: 20 – 25 Minutes (30 Minute Time Cap)

Coaching Tips: Make sure to scale this workout appropriately. It would be better to do 4 rounds faster than grinding through 5 at a slower pace. Make sure not to muscle snatch, drop under that bar then stand it up. For shoulder to overhead you may want to switch your methods as the rounds go on, possibly start with push press then to push jerks as you get fatigued. If your toes to bar start to fall apart do fast singles, if toes to bar is not your thing cut the reps in half and do 9 each round. Make sure to crush the row since you get a minute rest.

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Compare to: New Workout!

*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)

Optional ‘Cash Out’: None.

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