Tuesday 7/19/16


Mobility: Ankles


Spend 10 min working up to a heavy deadlift with a 2″ deficit (standing on a 2″ spacer or bumper plate). Only do deficit if you have the range of motion to get that low safely. Do not work up to more than 70% of of your max. Drop from the top each rep.



Optional Core:

50 Situps
40 Seated Flutter Kicks – flutter with upper body off the ground holding

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pike crunch position throughout (l + r = 2 reps)
30 reverse crunches -start laying on back straight leg position 8 inches off the ground hand under butt. The bend knees while rolling back onto shoulder with hips high. Finish in the straight leg position, try not to touch down with heels and remain hovering for the set.
20 push-ups

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