Our goal here at the Academy of Fitness is to help our clients achieve their Impossible. Our focus is to make our clients lives better, whatever that means to you. If that means running faster, biking longer, or being more flexible; then that is the goal. We are here to make your day to day life more energetic and pain-free.

The way we do this is by getting you, fitter. If being fitter means improving your 1 rep squat, finishing a marathon, losing body fat, doing pull-ups, or just being able to keep up with your kids; then we are here to help you achieve a better quality of life. We have many classes and programs to meet every athlete’s needs and help you achieve your Impossible.

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At the CFP Academy of Fitness, we offer the total wellness package. With three very important aspects.

First is Professional Coaching, Programming, and Facility.
CFP is the most equipped facility with some of the most experienced coaches in the area. This gives our clients the support they need, keeps workouts fresh, and ensures that there is a program that works for everyone. Whether it’s boot camp, weightlifting, cardio or fat burn. So no matter what you are looking for you can get what you need.
Second is Nutrition planning with meal prep from Garnish.
Nutrition is 75% of your results and we want to make sure that everyone is making the right choices. CFP will help you achieve this with meal prepping and meal planning from our coaches as well as Garnish, a leader in meal prepping.
Third our partners, SportsPlus, one of the area’s best physical therapist/ART facilities and chiropractic facilities.
This gives members the ability to maintain mobility and balance as well as address any muscle or skeletal imbalances, all in one place. This collaboration also gives our members the ability to do physical therapy with SportsPlus while doing strength work with Academy of Fitness simultaneously.

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We are not just group class or a boot camp facility like so many other places. Every member at Academy of Fitness is partnered with a personal coach that will work with you for life that they are member.


There are many elements that go into making a world-class facility. The training components having enough space to equipment ratio is an important factor.


The strength of our gym lies in the community of it’s people. From BBQ’s to fitness competitions to mud runs, our members are more than just fitness junkies. They are a community of friends, families, and like-minded athletes that support each other to reach goals.


We get it. Life in DC is hectic and super stressful. It’s sooo easy to get off-track and lose momentum. Often you just need a helpful nudge in the right direction.


We incorporate dynamic and varied workouts that keeps things stimulating and fun and gives you the flexibility to train in a way that you enjoy without forcing you to do things you hate.


With 50+ combined years of training experience and hundreds of happy clients we have the insights and knowledge to help you put a plan in place so you see and feel real progress.

What our customers say…

“Thanks for the fun workouts this week! Loved the space and the coaches were awesome! See you guys again next month!”

~Sara Schechla

“Great place to workout and be challenged physically. The coaches and members are friendly and helpful. The workout is scalable and modified for new comers to help you learned.”

~Jade Kha

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