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diablo crossfit tara and jennifer sled pushing like demons

Tara (high handle), and Jennifer (low handle) pushing the ‘El Diablos’ like demons!

Mobility: Ankle Mobility and hip mobility.

Skill Practice Warm Up: Broad jump. 3 consecutive for max distance.

Workout: “Punching Iron” – 4 rounds, record max reps of sled push.

In 2 minutes:

12 deadlifts (Advanced: 185lbs, Intermediate*: 123lbs, Novice: 73lbs)

80′ overhead dumbbell walk –one in each hand- (Advanced: 45lbs, Intermediate*: 30lbs, Novice: 20lbs)**

Max reps sled push 20′(Advanced: +180 , Intermediate*: +90, Novice: +50) –must alternate low then high handle, out and back = 2 “reps”

2 minutes rest

*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)

**You must WALK on these (not run). One foot must be in contact with the floor at all times. Dropping from overhead (as opposed to lowering them to the floor under control constitutes a 5 burpee penalty and a redo of the walk).

Scaling Guide: 20 – 40 ‘reps’. Scale up the DL weight to 225/155 for an extra challenge.

Coaching Tips: The deadlifts should be unbroken the first round or two, but the next two rounds might need to be broken up to maintain good form (flat back, good bar path, etc). Break up the DB OH walk if you need to, but try and finish it in as few sets as possible. Start out slow on the sled pushes with short choppy steps. Really try and sprint each round because of the full two minute rest.

Remember that with the 2 minute rest, two people can share the same deadlift bar, dumbbells and sled. It is best if people pair up so that there is a lot less equipment required for this workout!

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