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Stacy & Brice at the Hercules Battle of the Sexes Comp

Stacy and Brice competing at the Hercules Battle of the Sexes competition this past weekend.

It’s going to be a hot day today so pace yourself accordingly. Stay hydrated and slow down as needed. PR’s don’t count if you get heat stroke and end up in the ER.

Not sure how you are progressing in CrossFit and Functional movements. Are you stronger in some areas but have glaring weaknesses in others (Cherry Picking anyone?) Head to the bottom of the blog for a good article and breakdown from JJ on Diablo CrossFits’ Skill Division Guidelines.

Mobility: Ankle Mobility.

Skill Practice Warm Up: None.

Workout: “Filthy Fifty” or “Dirty Thirty”

50 Box jumps (Advanced: 24”, Intermediate*:20” , Novice:12” )

50 Jumping pull-ups,

50 Kettlebell swings (Advanced: 35lbs, Intermediate*: 26lbs, Novice: 18lbs)

Walking Lunge 50 steps,

50 Knees to elbows,

50 Push press (Advanced*: 45lbs, Intermediate: 33lbs, Novice: 20lbs)

50 Hip extensions,

50 Wall ball (Advanced: 20lb/10ft, Intermediate*:14lb/9ft , Novice: 10lb/8ft)

50 Burpees,

50 Double unders.

*Women’s Rx

The movements can be completed in any order with the exception of the last THREE. Wall balls, burpees, and double unders (THE LAST THREE MOVEMENTS) will have to be done in order (and at the end) for the workout to be considered “Rx”.

Scaling Guide: 35 minute cut off (see below or scale accordingly).

“Dirty Thirty” Option – If this is your first time attempting this workout, do the D30 version. It is the same workout, but only 30 repetitions of each movement is performed. If you have completed the D30 version before in under 20 minutes, then you can think about upgrading to the full Filthy Fifty.

Coaching Tips: Pace the reps for the long haul, but don’t get in the habit of standing around. Just keep moving. You are better off doing smaller sets with shorter rests (rather than doing a big set with long rest, or a big set then down to singles). Most people can move through the movements at a good pace to get winded, but the knees to elbows are a big sticking point. Plan on going hard on the other movements and then pacing out the k2e into very small sets in the beginning so that you catch your breath (almost like active recovery right in the middle). After the knees to elbows are done, hit it hard again.

Remember that the wall ball, burpees and double unders have to be completed at the end (because it is harder that way). So crank through the wall balls at a pace that will let you get right into the burpees. Do slower burpees if needed, but try not to break these up very much. Just fall down and get up (over and over again).

Log your results online by clicking here.

Compare To: Here for the F50: 2014 – 06 – 07, click here for the D30

Skill Division Guidelines

We have run through multiple iterations of this (starting 3 years ago, and this one probably isn’t the last). But here it is, our “Plan D Rank Guidelines”.

This guide is designed to serve multiple purposes. For most people, it will help them see where they may need to spend extra time to move up in their overall ‘CrossFitness’. If you have all but one or two on the list, you know exactly where you should practicing (and less cherry picking). If you are a regular class member, this is your guide to get your ready to enter most local competitions.

If you are currently on Amateur or Semi-Pro level, but you have an item that is sub par back in Novice and Amateur (respectively), you can no longer avoid it. Practice this goat above almost all others until it is up to snuff (think: Handstand walks for some Regional athletes).

If you are looking to see how far (or how close) you are from making Regionals and/or the Games, you can look ahead to the Professional level and start practicing ahead of time. Get those numbers up and ensure you aren’t leaving a big hole in your game that will become glaringly obvious down the road.

For our ‘in house’ members we want everyone attending regular CrossFit Classes until they can meet the Amateur requirements (Masters: Using two exemptions per column should serve as a rough guide). Jumping into the Plan D programming too soon can actually slow an athlete’s progress down, and possibly risk injury in the process. There is considerable overlap with the competitor Plan D programming and what we do with the gym (“differing in scale not kind”). In fact, by design, the regular gym programming is meant to get people to the Amateur status without them even knowing it! With regular 4-5 times per week class attendance and a bit of extra specific ‘goat’ work during open gym, just about everyone can expect to reach the Amateur level some day.

Diablo Crossfit Ranks Skill Division Guidelines

Once someone is at Amateur status, they will have access to the Plan D Classes at DCF as well as the online programming release. THAT DOESN’T MEAN THEY SHOULDN’T LOOK AT THE PLAN D AT ALL! In fact, when someone is getting close to Amateur, or if they are just getting the ‘competition bug’ and want to compete, they should stroll over to the computer/cork board and take a crack at doing some of the Plan D metcons and skills ‘as prescribed’ during open gym. Doing the ‘scale up’ option during the regular classes is basically the same thing (for those who haven’t figured that out yet).

For people offsite who would like to use our programming; the Amateur level is where you should be at before doing this sort of training. It isn’t a requirement, but if you want to get the most out of our program safely, you (or the athletes you train) should be able to meet these minimums.


Some of you will see this as disheartening or demotivating. Stop those thoughts before they take hold! This is just an arbitrary guide that we came up with people so they can have a tool to help them make the right choices. It is a VERY simplified tool that is shallow in many respects, so don’t take it as the ‘end all, be all’ for CrossFit Competitor Competence.

With that in mind, the numbers and stats here have not lessened your accomplishments or your current level of fitness. You can still do everything you could before reading this. Many people will see this black and white representation with it’s lines and boundaries and realize that maybe “they aren’t as fit as they thought they were”.

That is not true. You are just as fit as you thought you were… but maybe there are some people that are a bit fitter than you thought. That doesn’t make you any less of an athlete.

It should make you ask: “So what am I going to do about it?”

And remember –

You can die with a lot of dreams
and a lot of regrets.

Or you can die with a lot of memories
and a few scars.


Note: The “BTWB” score is the Fitness score on Beyond the Whiteboard. This is just a rough guide for people who use the site frequently enough to have a score that is “high confidence” (That being said, it can be fooled pretty easy with cherry picking, so don’t get too big of an ego if you reach ‘dragon’ status or whatever).

Beyond the Whiteboard links to the related metabolic components:


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