November 2021

Hip Drive the right way

I’ve had the sense that many people believe the hip drive on kettlebell swing (which is horizontal) is the same as the hip drive on the snatch and clean and jerk (which is vertical).  We know that a horizontal hip thrust with a kettlebell gets momentum moving on the weight, but it doesn’t work that […]

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The CFP Community

Working out as a community can be a powerful tool in the world of fitness. It can help us push through fitness walls that we would not do on our own. It keeps us going where we normally would stop. It also builds a stronger mind and the ability to endure more as we get

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Shut it off and Sleep

BY SEAN CAPTAIN There’s an expression about knowing just enough to be dangerous. In the case of sleep science, Apple may know just enough to disappoint. In 2016, it introduced an iOS feature (later added to MacOS) called Night Shift that can change the screen to a “warmer” (orangey) hue before bedtime. The aim is

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