Mobility: Shoulder Mobility. Skill Practice Warm Up: GHD Sit Ups. Strength Workout: None. Metabolic Conditioning Workout: “Captain Jack Sparrow” – For time. 1000m Row 25 Push Presses (A: 75lbs, I*: 53lbs, N: 33lbs) 50’ Walking Lunge 25 toes to bar 50’ walking lunge 25 push presses (same weight) 1000m row Scaling Guide:  11 – 18 minutes Coaching Tips: Start …

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Paleo Gift

Crossfit Pleasanton is enthusiastic to announce that we scored an amazing paleo gift from Meeta Vengapally, Real Estate Entrepreneur!  Some of you may know Meeta as a hardcore 5:30 AM Crossfitter at our Pleasanton location. She is offering everyone a free gift certificate at Ruth’s Chris Walnut Creek click here to get your free gift.

1/31/15 Intra Gym

No Casses today Itrna Gym Comp at 9:00 am Come and support your local members. Bring your friends and family. Pot-luck if you so feel inclined. Still a few spots open. Gym will be open at 8:00 am for warm up and prep. Good luck to all athletes!!

December PR's

  Congratulation to all the PR’s in December.  So many people are improving and we love to see it.  We had 60 this month, and it was a busy month too.  with a lot of holiday events and family gathering.  You all did awesome.  I can’t wait to see to see you all keep improving. 


Find a Challenging 3 rep strict press.    -Then perform 3 sets of 5 at a lower weight(make challenging) Single Arm Shoulder Press 3×10 Accessory:  Weighted dips 4×6 ME pullups x 3

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