Workout of the Day

Tuesday 12/11/18

Mobility: Hips/Ankles Skill: None Strength:  Metcon:   Kor: 50 Situps 40 Seated Flutter Kicks – flutter with upper body off the ground holding pike crunch position throughout (l + r = 2 reps) 30 reverse crunches -start laying on back straight leg position 8 inches off the ground hand under butt. The bend knees while rolling …

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Monday 12/10/18

Mobility: Shoulders/Ankles Skill: Three sets of: Emom with 20-sec rest between movments 80′ Prowler (180/140) 80′ Suitcase Carry – switch arms halfway Tempo Push-Ups x Max Reps @ 1111 Strength: NOne Metcon:   Kor: 100 Sit-ups for time: At the top of each minute stop and do 4 push-ups

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