Doug Coetzee

I have had a constant struggle with commitment to health and fitness the majority of my life. Sporadic exercise mixed with fad diets was always a means to an end for me, not something I enjoyed or felt excited about but rather viewed as a dreaded laborious chore in order to get my body into some sort of shape. I also never fully achieved the results I wanted as I had no idea what I was doing and the traditional gym setting was not motivation at all.

I started my Crossfit journey in July 2020 and there was something different about it. It was hard in the beginning, real hard and it was filled with self-doubt, but the trainers and members of CFP made me feel like this was something I needed to pursue and that I was part of a greater team. I started realizing results surprisingly early on, the physical results were obvious, but the sense of achievement triggered a mindset that surprised me more. My body was getting healthier while my headspace was really improving… I was having fun… I know… FUN!!! I was happier, more positive, my confidence growing and the sense of self-pride in my body was a new experience for me. The Crossfit mindset was spilling into everything else in my life. As an avid golfer and skier – the improvements in my abilities are evident and are still improving to this day.

Since I started CF I have lost 40 pounds and feel fitter, healthier, happier, and more grounded. I cannot thank the CFP team enough; everyone has been unyielding in their support with the never-ending nudges to keep pushing! I am excited to see what my full potential is, and I know that CrossFit Pleasanton is certainly the place I am going to see it!

Doug, We are all so proud of you. You are a great example of consistence to achive a goal. It is not always easy but you put in the work and got the results.

If you see Doug at the gym, give him a high five for his amazing transformation.