UPDATE: The National Academy of Sports Medicine has approved this course for 1.6 CEU’s. I know other certifying bodies (such as ACSM) will recognize these credits, as well. If you’re a professional trainer looking for some continuing education, this is a great opportunity!

Join us for a 2 day comprehensive SMR clinic February 27th and 28th. We will work every body part and you will find tight muscle you never knew existed. The course includes several hundred dollars worth of the best myofacial release/trigger point tools on the market. You can continue to work on yourself at home.

Part of successful long term fitness is managing the quality of your own soft tissue. Self Myofacial Release (SMR) is an exceptional way to handle your own business.

Davis’s Law: tight muscles stay tight, and weak muscles stay weak. Soft tissue models along lines of stress. In other words your body is not going to correct itself. If your hip flexors are tight and your ass is weak, the tilt in your pelvis will not get any better until you address the issues.

Start the New Year out with a more efficient body. If you are training with resistance in your own body, you are doing twice the work than you need to perform exercises. You are fighting against yourself!

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