When Paul got out of the military as a Corpsman, he started training people while he finished up his pre-med. He was working at a beautiful health club and met some great people. People he still works with today. Soon Paul had more clients than he could handle. He would get up at 4am and work with clients until 9am. Come back for the lunch time clients. And then train the after work clients until 9pm. He would get up and do this every day. Saturdays too. Sundays too.

Coaching/Training/Teaching stuck and Paul never became a pill pusher. But Paul was not a good fit in a health club where management is called if someone grunts too much or drops their weights. So Paul purchased the contents of a gym in Napa and put it into his garage. In the garage, he could train people his way. Intense workouts with loud music on a paint splattered radio. This went on for years. His clients loved it, but when 10 to 20 people were coming through the house each day, it was time to move. In a Paul’s new little warehouse gym, like minded trainers found their way and brought their people. Now, all of our peoples are bumping into each other. Friday, at 11am, there were about 65 people in a 1,800 sq ft gym space. After three years in a small warehouse, it is time to move again.

Using every square foot of the gym Using every square foot of the gym

In July, the gym will be moving down the block to 7075 Commerce Cir, Suite B. Some of those first clients that Paul met 11 years ago will be moving again. Wherever Paul goes. Paul would like to thank each and every member of the gym, present and past, for their support and patronage. We can make a living helping the world and doing what we love.

The new space is 4800 sq ft. We are shooting for doing some business out of the new gym on the 13th. That means moving the 10th, 11th, and 12th. All hands are welcome.

In the begining In the begining

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