For those who don’t know, getting accepted to the Navy’s SEAL training or “BUD/S” (Basic Underwater Demolition School) is not an easy task. Aside from posting an exceptional time on the BUD/S physical screening test, the rest of your package should look good enough for the adult industry. Now let’s take this screening process to the next level. To get accepted as an officer is extraordinarily difficult. Getting through the training as an officer is nearly impossible.

Navy Seal officers lead Navy Seals. If you are going to be in charge of a group of the most elite athlete warriors on the planet, then you better be able to lay golden eggs. During arduous BUD/S, the instructors single out the officers and make them work longer and harder. This extra work is in addition to the extra responsibilities that being an officer of men entails. If doing the work is not difficult enough, staying healthy and injury free during the process is even harder.

Steve, from Crossfit Pleasanton has shown the right stuff. In addition to improving his time on the physical screening test more times than Tony Montana gets shot in Scar Face, Steve also flew out to the Coronada facility to run the obstacle course with one of the team’s Executive Officer. Steve also contacted a SEAL Admiral and was able to procure 2 recommendations for his package. Some might be content to take the screening test and feign disappointment when they were rejected, but Steve grabbed this challenge by the neck and shook it vigorously. Here are the top ten reasons Steve will make it through BUD/S and get his Trident:


  1. Loyal: Team Player
  2. Humble
  3. Hard Worker
  4. Mentally Tough: self control
  5. Good Follower
  6. Strong like a beast
  7. Tenacious desire to succeed
  8. Impeccable Character
  9. Innovative
  10. & a strong package


Steve goes to BUD/S in March of 09. Good luck Steve, we’re your biggest fans. –Crossfit Pleasanton Gym


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